Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You think about people. You think about their lips, their eyes, their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, you think about what they smell like at home. You think about people with strange legs and large shoes and how long its been since you slept in complete peace. You think about how long this thought has been going on. You wonder if this is normal, you muse at how used to you've become to comfort. You smile at how someone has noticed you for your inquisitive nature, noticed you for you. You consider running in inappropriate shoes, wiping things clean with dirty hands. You wonder if you'll ever stop. You dream of retirement in the grass and if distance is the only answer left that you'll ever accept.


Marina said...

kidhar ho?
i realized i was missing reading good stuff these days. then i realized you werent writing.
theek ho?

Zh. said...

i'm fine, just waiting for my brain to vomit :)