Sunday, May 23, 2010

82 sunday

i am upside down, watching planes fly through my window. they leave easy breezy white-blue trails of dust that the sun seems to swallow without hesitation. i miss a summer of clicking fans and upbeat traffic. where my room is not my own and my clothes are large. time to leave another unknown place, where spanish strawberries do not exist and cracked heels aren't given a second glance.


Anonymous said...

I really like the way you write. And I'm not going to act like the fools in galleries who point at art-work and go oooh I like this and never have a reason. I do have my reasons:

1. Your writing shows me pictures. If pictures speak a thousand words, then writing can show a thousand pictures (or a hundred atleast).
2. It evokes emotion even though the emotion isn't mine to start with but becomes mine.

So, thanks. One must appreciate the good and valuable things in life.

Anonymous said...

i know that i am putting this on every blog, but yes it is important, i need your prayers just once :P
so read this and also tell about the template

and do follow me, so that we share some ideas when i come back :P