Monday, May 31, 2010

pernicious pumpernickel

it was hard to hear the sound of anything but the roaring river, but i managed alright i think. the water was orange and crashing in to everything it touched. good thing i was way up high lying on my back. if i could, i would turn around to look down at it through the cracks of the bridge. but i'm pretty scared of it. especially when it's moving, and i'm a worse swimmer than i let on. i was in a 12 ft pool earlier today, testing my floating methods. i ended up with chlorine in my mouth and my bathing suit falling off. but i guess that doesn't matter.

we talked about mistakes as the moon hid in the clouds, as if it didn't want to get sucked in our crazy existence. we talked about has-beens and will-haves and what to do with the time left in between. we talked about the secrets we keep from ourselves and how to map out the future so we're at least having fun living it. of course this talk is all left behind, on bridges over rivers that were rail tracks 200 years ago. we leave them behind, we always glance back to see what we're leaving behind. not because we're losing it, not because we won't remember it. but if we're back just in time to take it home before the sounds of the river carry it away, crashing in to things.


desert eagle said...

you capture entire moments so perfectly. <3

Zh. said...

tankz mah luvly =)