Saturday, June 19, 2010

coffee shop thoughts (on the back of a receipt)

will my daughter remember things I've told her throughout the course of her life, like I've retained what my mother told me?
It's not a bustling evening, just a few people including my father and i. an old couple, a father and his young son, a young man on his laptop. we just wanted to get out, do something cuz we were so bored. i'm in pjs and socks. playing with the silver chain you gave me, sla. This couch is comfortable, my nails are purplish-black. i scrounge for inspiration and father didn't let me bring his camera. 'it's called art, and i shall indulge in it because i can'. he rolls his eyes.
it's sunny.
last year, this time...things were different because it was eons ago.


Dreaminglass said...

I will not apologize for art.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

random yet nice.very.
something I wonder too..whether nice or bad,we always retain what our mothers tell us.
:)post makes me smile.

Zh. said...

hahaahhah...oh, carl.
and thank you, Meher :)

Dreaminglass said...

I love you.

I mean....

Carl loves you.

Zh. said...

sla left a msg saying he approves. it looked something like this:


Ali said...

A very beautiful and touching post.

Send flowers to Pakistan