Tuesday, July 13, 2010

- What is Cool now

Of course, there are perfect nails and mismatched towels, printed clothes and beer bottles. Golden curls and real tears in the Sun, the people you think are your friends but want to jump off of rooftops in orange trunks instead. Nothing will ever be the same again. Penny Lane keeps telling you you're home, but you don't even know her real name, so why are you following her? Jimi Hendrix is chilling next to Abe Lincoln (and you write with people in your room), and for all you know, you paid too much for not getting your hands massaged. Let me tell you something, nothing is ever going to stay where you put it. You walk into a room expecting golden girl but you find mop boy instead. You will deny anything you ever said (even if that means still water runs deep), to protect yourself and loved ones who are creeped out by your lifestyle. You will deny your past, but make bonds with the present (in diners where people eavesdrop). You will put a lock on your big heart.
But given a second chance, a third, a fourth...be sure to at least do yourself right. Today is dead. Yesterday never was. And tomorrow....well, we'll figure that out tomorrow.


pinkgingerale said...

I love your style. I'd read your book.

Magdalena said...

I like it.