Thursday, December 23, 2010

for hub X/ we knew right from the start.

young love: full of promise, full of hope.
ignorant of reality.

'she must think i'm crazy
i kinda think i like her
i kinda think i do.'


Meher S B said...

So true. It seems all good and perfect. But it remains ignorant of the many complications love has to offer.

Basnapoocho said...

Dude you changed the post?

Loved the first one though

Zh. said...

haha. i'll add it back :)

Anonymous said...

Baba, why you do that.
Wystanley H. Ubnock

Basnapoocho said...

You did change it back.
Me as a fan had so much power over you, never knew. RAWRRR!!

Now quit being emo and start being real happy and chirpy. Cause that where you will be eventually.

Zh. said...

you are a delectable person. i want to pinch your cheeks and feed you marshmallows.

Basnapoocho said...

Since you look so gorgeous in your red lipstick, i probably won't object to this misdemeanor.

Zh. said...

HAHAHAH creeper <3