Friday, December 31, 2010

a thousand butterflies

Caught between me and myself. I just want to throw something at the wall, and have someone there to witness it. For really, what is there to restless nights on empty stomachs and empty hearts? A nickel's worth of content is all I seek.

He breathes in her ear, unaware of what this simple act of unconsciousness does to her beating heart. She adores his hair most when he is asleep, the soft brown mess feeling like silk under her cool summer fingers. Mistakes and minutes later, he will apologize, and she will ignore him, but she knows she is already doomed. For her heart has been taken away from her in the dead of a foggy, thunderous night. Not a trace left behind, not a single clue. No ransom was asked for, no karma police contacted. That is the trick, you see. When destiny decides to show up in your life and twist your fate like it was made of ears...well, there's nothing to be done about that. No complaints, no alarms, and no surprises.


pinkgingerale said...

God, I love your writing. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again. Real.

Basnapoocho said...

Like i said, go write a book mb.

Shoaib said...

powerful yet captive