Wednesday, March 02, 2011

million dollar question

do you look incredibly dashing?
and happy?

I am very cold, but I resist the need to warm my body with anything else but you.
Your fire-breathing dragon of a person.
I know you are unsure of me, but do not forget what I was in your eyes that night with glass bottles filled with incense and burning candles. Don't forget the music, the inadequacies of our spoken words, and the flesh that crept in to seduce us. Our chemistry played with our electricity, leaving our minds to suffer with the consequences.


Philophobic said...

I'd love to hear that in song. :]

Basnapoocho said...

"Your fire-breathing dragon of a person." =Wrong.
"You fire-breathing dragon of a person." =Right

But i love this line sooooooo much.

Kani said...

"Your fire-breathing dragon of a person" is perfectly fine if you use person not as a proper noun but in an adjectival sense, so her construction is right.

Poochtay raho.

Thoth said...
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Zh. said...

you guys/girls. i very much appreciate the scrutiny, but i don't think about these things when i'm writing. whatever just sounds good, to the mind and to the heart, is what is written. although i must say, you've definitely made me feel like i should be more careful.