Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I had a dream that the world was ending and everything was purple. I wasn't worried, because I was with my baby brother, who, if I think about it, is the only person I really give a fucking damn about.

Then in my nightmare, I was following two tall women dressed in white, wearing flower tiaras, into the brightest green forest I've ever seen. When I shivered us both awake, and he kept asking me if I was ok, I couldn't speak because the world was in my mouth, and I couldn't let it fall.


Dreaminglass said...

Don't you be afraid.
Life hides in the shade.

Zh. said...

even though i know what you're referring to, i'm not afraid. i said that in the most indignant way possible.

Dreaminglass said...

I don't know. I do have a tendency of being overly vague. But your indignation is a good thing.

I think.

Basnapoocho said...

It's so weird, i had pretty much the same dream. I was either a big shot politican or in my current job, weird shit i know. So someone sneaks up in a honda and tries to assassinate me.I hide behind a pillar and save myself. I could see the bullets of the Uzi hitting the pillar. Well i survived but i got shot in the leg. And nobody is helping me, so i dragged myself to the hospital cause i am resilient nigga. And the doctor measured my BP with an inching tape and said,"you've lost lota blood, come tomorrow its almost 6pm and we are closed now." I was like bitch please. But he sends me away. I don't remember anything else. Guess i died :( so sad

Basnapoocho said...

I swear i had this dream today, couldn't wait to get to office and share it with my friends. At work. FML.