Monday, December 26, 2011

florence night

This sleep does not suit me
This sleep without you
When my mind cannot find you
it turns the shape of waves
into mermaid's fins
It runs naked on glittering beaches
It cries dreams of love
and wakes up sweating in winter
My Mind does not accept this sleep
no more than my body
or soul
My existence was a sullen rotting crater
its depths of uncertainty
an abyss
No men or children climbed out
from its ghostly well
So why should it continue to putter
and sink into the crevices of lonely despair
now that you are here?
Why should it not want to share
the piercing brilliance of the moon
that it had to endure
for eons
This sleep, my darling
I will not allow it.
I'd gladly rather lay a thousand nights awake
with you by my side
than close my eyes for a single breath
with you not here.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Rain

I sliced open the heart out
the pink of the citrus fruit
Ate it like a monster
When she spoke, my words were silent
but my eyes were screaming
I made 7 rounds
of the Ka'abah or the pyre
this I am unsure of
but my mind was elsewhere
when she spoke.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I had a dream I was stuck in a house of dust, wooden floors and lots of windows. It was like a maze, but it was abandoned, save for the people who were looking for me. I had left the room with the volatile lesbians, the quiet, horrific-looking actress, with a pasty white face and black lips, the women that were handing hand-outs to me and my friends, to entice us to come back again. everyone was interested in watching the play, we were exhausted from gallivanting all day, and the door that led into this tiny cellar-looking room was appealing enough. before we knew it we were sitting at a long table, the room only big enough for people to get to and from their seats. We weren't really forced to stay, at least not explicitly. So I left.

But there was no way out. Only rooms and corridors and abandoned kitchens. I could hear the birds cawing outside, the smell of sunlight my only hope. The windows were barred and every other room or so had a decaying occupant. On one floor I almost walked into a room where little girls were filed into a single line, all wrapped in pink towels, supposedly being directed to a bathroom. Then I found a door that led me underground, and another that led me to a room with an unbarred window. I climbed through it and it spit me out into a sunlit alley.

The crows sang my song of freedom.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

green dream

I was briefly under water, standing on its floor, completing my espionage mission. I swam up just in time to get some oxygen for my brain, when I see that I am engulfed in a shark cage. A man with several knives tried to kill me, throwing his knives like daggers. I dodged most, caught some, and boomeranged them right back at him. A swift shove to the throat and the sound of flesh and loose blood confirm his death. I then drive the boat to land, we're running out of fuel and I have a strange need for doughnuts. Inside, I see a weasel sink his teeth into a feather mattress, a bitch give birth to yet another pup, a young girl going down on her Persian half.