Monday, December 26, 2011

florence night

This sleep does not suit me
This sleep without you
When my mind cannot find you
it turns the shape of waves
into mermaid's fins
It runs naked on glittering beaches
It cries dreams of love
and wakes up sweating in winter
My Mind does not accept this sleep
no more than my body
or soul
My existence was a sullen rotting crater
its depths of uncertainty
an abyss
No men or children climbed out
from its ghostly well
So why should it continue to putter
and sink into the crevices of lonely despair
now that you are here?
Why should it not want to share
the piercing brilliance of the moon
that it had to endure
for eons
This sleep, my darling
I will not allow it.
I'd gladly rather lay a thousand nights awake
with you by my side
than close my eyes for a single breath
with you not here.


Dreaminglass said...

Knew. You knew me.

Maryam A. said...

this is good. REAL good.

Anonymous said...

About ruddy time.

Zh. said...


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What.

Why U Know Who?

Winter Song said...

Beyond Awesome. Beyond beautiful.

Eirene said...

This was gorgeous :)

Zh. said...

thanks so much, everyone :)