Wednesday, March 28, 2012

good trip, bad trip.

My body asked me what was happening. I told it I had no words to describe what it felt like, there were no words that would do this act justice, so I would show them with my mind's eye instead.
I told it we were two feathers, light, in the wind, in sync. I said that's exactly how I felt, like a feather- free from my obligations to the body. I felt like I was made out of air, that I could go on like this forever. That is how he made me feel, I said. Body understood.
Then he did this thing, where he lifted me, my curved back, my feather-like being, and placed me on top of him. My body asked again, what was happening. I closed my eyes, and replied with the most beautiful smile 'We're stars now. This is what it feels like to be a star. Two specks of glowing gold, floating in the vacuum expanse of black space. Two sheets of burning metal, welded together as if they were never apart, flying at high speed towards nothing, with nothing above them, and nothing beneath. Nothing to save them but themselves.' Body understood.
That's when I realized what was actually happening.
I was in space.
With the person I loved.
And if I slipped or faltered or let myself go, they would die too.
So I kept my eyes shut, speed was gaining, but I wasn't driving, just crying.
I told him to hold tight, to never let go.
Cheesy, but necessary directions.
I didn't care what happened to me, I just didn't want to hurt him. Ever.

He held my face then, brushed my hair with his fingers, wrapped its length around my shoulders, blanketing me with the both of us. He helped me breathe, realize I was human, and that love was beautiful.


Thoth said...

Fun trip.
Wink wink.

Thoth said...

I meant well written.

Winter Song said...

Gorgeous and celestial.

KWP said...