Sunday, June 24, 2012


i have stopped writing.
because he is mine. it's really quite simple.
i don't feel the need
to undress my feelings
and cry because i can't fix
when he is inside me
and his musky, earthy, dewy smell
complements and calms
my ferociously roaring pride,
there is the place
i always ever want to be.
i am molding my body
to fit in his hands
i am molding my thoughts
to make room in his heart
i am molding my demons
to melt from his gaze.
it is (so far) an
extraordinary journey
of self-realization and
and i want it to stay that way.
so i have stopped writing.
i have hidden him in the many-colored layers of my self
so when people look in from the outside
they see only love.


Winter Song said...

Such a sweet and insanely gorgeous way to be..

Nina said...

Stunning. You said everything I could ever have wanted to say.

Anonymous said...

this is painful

CrazyLady said...

Hi! I've been reading for years and love this blog! I've nominated you for a blog award! Please check my post:

Anonymous said...

this was me a few months ago - centuries away. now all i do is write to relieve myself of so many thngs i feel
very well written